St. John's Experiences

Incentive Canada 2023 – Summer Edition will include experience options in St. John's. During the registration process, you will be able to select your preferred experience. The experiences are described below. All options include lunch. 

The Incentive Canada 2023 – Summer Edition team will do its best to accommodate your requests.

Foraging with Lori McCarthy

Dive deep into the sea-life and kelps that fill the splash zone of the great North Atlantic with Lori McCarthy, innovative chef, forager, hunter, educator, and enthusiastic outdoors person. Lori's passion is storytelling through food. Her book, "Food, Culture, Place: Stories, Traditions, and Recipes of Newfoundland" highlights the shared experiences and warmth of the Newfoundland landscape and people. Her TED Talk showcases Lori's ability to connect to the land and help others do the same! During your foraging adventure, explore the smells, tastes and the feel of the ocean floor beneath your feet. This seashore forage is for young and old with something special for everyone.

Engage in a memorable multi-sensory experience sure to delight. Spend the morning exploring the wild foods of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland then cook over a traditional open fire boil-up. This tradition has been enjoyed for generations and a multi-course meal will dive deep into the wild foraged landscape with flavors you have very likely never tasted before. Delicacies from the land and sea will shape your palate and your plate.

Enjoy an unforgettable meal and take home some special flavors so that you can taste a little bit of Newfoundland when you return home.

This excursion is for those wishing to take part in an active, yet less strenuous experience.

Paddling/kayaking with Stan Cook

If you're looking for an authentic Newfoundland adventure, Rock & Water, Stan Cook Travel's paddling tour has the right balance of excitement and entertainment. Our varied seascape includes caves, sea arches, hidden coves and waterfalls. Combined with the possibility of whale and puffin sightings, this is an unforgettable way to experience the unique beauty of Newfoundland's coast. 

We specialize in relaxed paces, frequent laughter breaks, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the sheltered waters of Cape Broyle. Spend a great day on the water with friends as you enjoy our rugged coastline from a totally unique perspective. Stan Cook's experienced staff will lead you through an onshore orientation showing the necessary basics, such as paddle strokes and safety techniques. 

This excursion is intended for those who have a thirst for an active adventure. 

Zodiac Tours with Ocean Quest

Step aboard one of our top of the line zodiacs and step into adventure you'll never forget. Thanks to the design of our rigid-hulled inflatable boat, Ocean Quest will take you on a fast-paced interpretative tour that is sure to get your adrenaline flowing while teaching you a thing or two about the area. The Zodiacs allow us to land on secluded beaches, drift close to whales, laugh at puffin antics, and circle icebergs with ease. Due to their high degree of maneuverability, they can also get you close to sea cliffs and caves to let you see these natural creations even better. Immerse yourself fully into the nature, wildlife culture and folklore of this unique province. 

The two-hour ocean safari in beautiful Petty Harbour is the perfect trip for those who like to look and to touch. Along the way, trained divers harvest scallops by hand. This practice, although labor intensive, ensures the environments are treated with the care and respect they deserve. Spend your afternoon in the company of mother nature’s greatest ambassadors! Back at Ocean Quest's facility, these scallops will be incorporated into the incredible lunch offerings. 

This excursion is designed for people who like to stay in the boat and take in all the action.